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Would you like to host a screening of Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds? Join folks around-the-world who have brought this inspirational and educational film to their communities.

Contact us to learn how to purchase your screening license. The film is available in English as well as French, Spanish or Japanese subtitles.

Every license includes the following:

  • A deluxe DVD copy.
  • Downloadable posters and images.
  • Talking points sheet and “frequently asked questions” to help stimulate discussion and engagement after your screening.
  • A screening tool kit to help you get the word out and build community around the event.
  • Listing on our website of current Open Sesame community screenings, Facebook event page and promotion via Twitter.
  • The right to have a screening (or screenings) of ‘Open Sesame’ as per the public performance license.

It’s urgent that people understand the threats facing seeds. Will you help us tell their story?

For ‘Open Sesame’ Educational and Library Licenses please contact us. Now available in a special edition 56 minute version! 

"This film is a seed in its own right and can play a seminal role in planting ideas that bring together food security, food sovereignty, human rights and the consumer right to know -- exactly the "big tent" we need to win this issue." Wayne Roberts, Former Manager, Toronto Food Policy Council, Board Member, USC Canada, Seeds of Survival

“A touching and spiritual film that will no doubt encourage discussion about the future of agriculture…”Yes! Magazine

"A passionate labor of love about seeds.." The Huffington Post

"Seeds play a more integral part to our diet than one might think. No wonder Monsanto wants to get in on that racket. No wonder these people are pissed off. Watching this movie, you might wonder, ‘Why aren’t more?’" Boulder Weekly

"I really loved this film. It unlocks the door to the magical, powerful, and perilous world of seeds. It will open hearts and minds. I hope everyone sees it." Claire Hope Cummings, award winning author of: Uncertain Peril, Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds.

“Seeds are profound, holy, beautiful, and generous. Meet the seeds and the inspired heroes who love and protect them in this marvelous film journey.” Jeffrey M. Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology

“The film was both informative and captured the passion and the emotions of a movement!” Theodore Poulis, Owner, Dreamriver Press, New York, NY

“The movie was absolutely fabulous, totally surpassed my expectations… Made me cry more than once.” Jesilyn Peterson, Community Screening Organizer, Albuquerque, NM

“Just the right balance of scary facts, heart warming farmers and seed savers and hope for what we need to do now…a MUST SEE!” Cindy Prentice, Community Screening Organizer, Hingham MA

“This film needs to be seen by EVERYONE!!” Audience Member, Port Angeles, Washington

“A great documentary…very thought provoking.” Audience Member, Santa Fe, New Mexico