Below are a collection of resources that were included in the film or that helped us make the film. We’ll be expanding the section as time goes on.

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Learn about Seeds

Would you like to go to seed school? There’s nothing that compares to learning hands on! Find out about the next Seed School at

What’s happening with OSGATA v. Monsanto? Can I help organic growers or somehow be involved? Yes you can! You can help this important organization and keep up with the latest news at their website.

Suzanne Ashworth’s book Seed to Seed is a classic and an excellent seed saving reference.

We highly recommend Seed Savers Exchange excellent seed saving resources for information on how to save seeds, conduct home germination tests, store seeds, plant according to zone and more.

As Jeremy Cherfas states in the film: You can do this.

Purchasing Seeds

We encourage you to buy seeds from companies where you can trace your seed dollars. If you aren’t sure, ask the company “Where do your seeds come from? Do you purchase your seeds from companies such as Seminis or others that directly or indirectly support biotech companies? Do you know your supplier’s sources?” (Hudson Valley Seed Library and Seed Savers Exchange are two examples of trustworthy sources).

Want to start your own seed library? Richmond Grows has some excellent resources to help get you started.

Learn about Gardening & Growing

Check out Growing a Greener World – each episode focuses on compelling and inspirational people making a positive impact on the planet through gardening and shares DIY information that we can all use at home.

Helpful Books

These are some of the books that inspired the film, were used for research or are just generally excellent reads!

Recommended Movies

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Links and Further Resources

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Seed Giants vs. U.S. Farmers

Seeds & Genetic Diversity

Where Is That Oil-Eating Enzyme Now That We Need It? (Chakrabarty/GMOs/Patenting)

Seed Wars: Biotechnology, Intellectual Property, and the Quest for High Yield Seeds

Wheat breeding may have contributed to increased prevalence of celiac disease. (PubMed)

Seed Monopolies, GMOs And Farmers Suicides In India

The Seed Conspiracy (Michael Pollan/NY Times)