Request a Screening!

There are four ways to request a screening:

1. Host  a community screening in a venue, place and time of your choice that is free of charge (no tickets sold). Purchase this screening license.

2. Host a fundraiser community screening (where tickets are sold). Money raised above the license fee can be used as a fundraiser for your organization or donated to a worthy seed-related charity (preferably local – ask if you need suggestions). Purchase this screening license.

3. See Open Sesame in your local movie theater via our partnership with Gathr Films. There is no up-front cost but a ticket minimum must be met. The minimum varies depending on the theater from 25 to 55 on average. If you have a preferred theater that is not on Gathr’s list please note this when you make your request and they will try to accommodate.

4. Request an Educational Screening for a school. Please contact us with details about your institution and planned screening.



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